WeChat Faces Tough Competition From Facebook

WeChat Faces Tough Competition From Facebook 1

This year, the popular Chinese messaging platform WeChat is aiming to expand its services and communicative tasks in order to reach out to more people in China and the entire world. The app recently released its games section in many communities to provide the worldwide users with an entertaining field within the messenger itself.

However, WeChat is definitely not the only messenger planning to increase its presence and functionality for the user’s sake; the app is facing more tough competitors this year as many messengers and social media platforms are also inaugurating more unique and user-based features to ease the daily communication. Facebook specifically is one of the toughest contenders to WeChat as the Facebook apps are planning to increase its communicative tasks and online services provided to the users base in the attempt to transform Facebook and its messengers into a wholesome everyday destination.

WeChat has already introduced many different types of services for its users in China and other countries; WeChat offers instant-messaging services, shopping services, the latest news, booking appointments and reservations, hailing taxis along with a new bundle of games amongst other services. In China, WeChat is considered to be one of the most dominant apps that’s utilized by over one billion users.

And since the start of 2019, developers at WeChat stated that the app is planning to venture out into other foreign countries in order to provide customers from all over the world with the full, wide variety of services provided by the Chinese messaging platform. Facebook, on the other hand, hasn’t managed to achieve the same results as WeChat; th blue app is however determined to unveil new services in the upcoming months. Nevertheless, Facebook is most likely to face a hard time trying to achieve its 2019 goals of becoming a wholesome online destination for the billion of its users; the blue messenger is continuously under attack due to its extreme privacy breaching techniques that are frustrating many users and online advocates of privacy rights; moreover, the Facebook platform seems to be uncontrollably driven by ads and commercials which consequently helps in making Facebook an unfriendly service-generator.

After its immense success in China, WeChat is heading for the rest of the world in 2019. The strategic updates and the continuous providing of various services has made WeChat a favorite for millions of users in and out of China. The aspirations of Facebook to recreate the success of WeChat may be, in fact, out of proportion! Still, the CEO of Facebook is more determined than ever to create a unique platform that combines all of the best aspects of the Facebook-related apps, Instagram and WhatsApp, to present the users with the all-in-one online service-generator.

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