iOS 13, The Latest iPhone Software, All info, New features and it’s Updates

iOS 13, The Latest iPhone Software, All info, New features and it's Updates 1

On 19 September 2019, iOS 13 has become accessible to download for iPhones. But earlier adopters have faced security drawback that it could have access to Contacts through FaceTime. But just six days, Apple was successful to resolve the security issue and also added more fascinating latest features to iOS 13.

Then after some days, Apple has released another update of iOS 13.1.2 to eradicate the flaws found in iOS 13.

Problems Found in iOS 13

Before the release of iOS 13, there were news of bugs in it. But before its final launch, Apple was unable to remove all the issues. Therefore, when it was launched, it appeared with a lot of issues. But keep in mind Apple has not launched for the first time its software with flaws. Before it, Apple had also launched problematic iOS 11. The problems seen with iOS 13 are

  • While switching apps, the screen freezes, and many apps crashes.
  • Due to it, Safari was especially found to be slow.
  • Location Privacy Settings problem, if an app is instructed Never access the user’s location it will be diverted as Ask me next time.
  • Problem of a Bug influencing keyboards. Even if the user has not allowed to access the iPhone, but the big will get access.
  • Security issue of revealing contacts through Face Time.
  • Problems of Mail, not showing information of senders and subjects, incorrect counting of downloads and many more.
  • Some of its users we’re unable to share their lists of iClouds.

Latest versions of iOS 13

iOs 13.1 appeared on 24 September, after a week when iOS was introduced to iPhone users.

iOS 13.1.1 was released on 29 September. iOS 13.1.1 has resolved more issues than the iOS 13.1. The latest updates of 13.1.1 are following:

  • It allows the keyboard of third party software to have full access to user’s iPhones.
  • It has improved Siri.
  • Solves problems that have to face when user restore from a backup.
  • It also solves problems of battery draining.

iOS 13.1.2 was introduced on 30 September. It fixes all the problems that iOS 13.1.1 was unable to fix. iOS 13.1.2 has the following improved features:

  • It spots an issue when the device’s camera is not working.
  • After an efficient backup, it continues to demonstrate progress bar for Cloud Backup.
  • It also fixes an issue when Homepod is unable to run shortcuts.
  • Tells about the issue when Bluetooth disconnects on certain devices.

iOS 13 however, is an interesting launch by Apple.

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