Video Game Trends for Smartphones


A game in smartphones are played via an application software, which is designed to have the latest technology, graphics and sounds for audio. Developers normally attend the annual developer meeting in Britain to highlight and brainstorm on the current trends. The industry is growing so fast and here is what came out from the meeting as the latest trends in the industry that will help reshape how games for smartphones are made in the near future.

VR with friends and not alone: Advocates of virtual reality are anxious to battle back against one of the stage’s key reactions: that is isolating. Dave Ranyard, previous head of studio of Sony London and now an autonomous VR engineer, clarified at a board talk that he trusts the eventual fate of VR is a social one, and that it will be about being transported to somewhere else and accomplishing something cool with their companions. VR game is a physical experience and it will be much of sharing the space of collaboration rather than solitary play. There were a few exhibits in virtual reality where the future searches brilliant for the most recent computer game stage. Putting on a Batsuit in Batman Arkham VR or throwing enchantment spells in The Unspoken is exciting.

Another trending issue in games is physically collaborative games. The virtual reality and experimental technology modernizers are travelling around new ways to join the body as more than just an anchor to the corporeal world. Implications of physical games are massive due to the issues that needs to be solved like recognizing the capacity of variety of movement from the players and gestural control of the game.

Some progress on diversity of video games are recognizable. Ladies are assuming more key parts in computer games past simply filling in as maids in trouble, or more terrible, as disposed of casualties. Furthermore, game developers are including a couple of more lead characters who aren’t white. More ladies took the greatest stages at E3, including Electronic Arts’ Jade Raymond, whose EA Motive Studio is taking a shot at a progression of Star Wars recreations, and Microsoft’s Shannon Lofts, the head of Microsoft Studios Publishing.

Smartphone games are played by many people, regardless of the age or gender. Nintendo has taken its first step in the smartphones field by building Miitomo. The company is used to making hardware and software for computers and phones that complement one another, but they have decided to expand their business by making games at large numbers.

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