The Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Review


Samsung has, for many years, been on the cutting edge of releasing wearables that are feature-packed and has come close to perfecting the wrist phone, or smart phone category. The latest effort in that niche, the Gear S3, has plenty of features that have no rival and could even be misconstrued as an expensive Swiss watch, upon first sight. Available in both silver and dark grey steel, this device has all the marking of the Gear S2, with many more features.

If carrying less with you while doing your daily running is a goal of yours, this is the perfect piece. It has built in 4G connectivity and is sold at both AT&T and T-Mobile dealers across the US. It could very easily replace your phone. With the feature of Samsung Pay support, you can even go places without your wallet as well.

The Samsung Gear S3 sports a case that is 46mm and 12.9mm thick. Along with the bigger size, Samsung is able to make the battery bigger, give you more features and a larger display. However, if the smaller sizes seem to work best for you, Samsung is also offering a variation of the Gear S2 right along with the brand new S3. The only major feature you will miss out on by choosing the S2 is the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) support in Samsung Pay.

Even though the S3 is much larger in size this year, many things have not changed at all. The rotating bezel is as brilliant as ever, with notched serrations offering ease of rotation, along with the smooth operating system.

Both the Classic and the Frontier models of the S3 Smartwatch are jewelry-grade 316L stainless steel, but there are other differences, visually speaking, between the two. The Classic features a brushed silver finish while the Frontier has a black gunmetal grey tone that is sportier with more etchings. The majority of the piece is metal, but the casing is all plastic and there is an embedded SIM card on the LTE model that cannot be removed.


Another difference between the two is that the Frontier ships with an included rubber wrist strap and the Classic has a more elegant black leather band, but the lugs, which are 22mm, give you the option to change the look with any band that will fit. Strap Studio even offers quick release pins on the straps that they sell, making swapping bands an easy feat.

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