Exciting Technology Products 2017: Samsung, Apple and Google


At the start of the year 2017, you see great advancements being exhibited in various field, as far as the world of technology is concerned, you can expect the bundle of different cool gadgets and exciting products. Here are some really important devices which are expected to rule the whole year and will launch most likely at the start of 2017.

  1. Samsung S8

It is Samsung’s first chance to get recovered from the downfall of Galaxy Note 7, which will make its way back in the form of the galaxy S8 in the first half of 2017. Meanwhile, you don’t know a lot about the device, Samsung has declared that it will add a latest digital assistance which is driven by Viv, an artificial intelligence platform that the company purchased at the start of the year.

  1. Foldable Samsung phone

Samsung was working on the making of the flexible folding screen for many years, however, in 2017, you would actually see it happen. The company has also filed a patent for launching the device, which fuels the predictions of its arrival.

  1. New iMac

As the iMac got updated with the latest, high-resolution screens in last few years, it has been a long time that Apple has made any important update in the computer. It is reported that Apple has taken into consideration to add a new USB port in the iMac, which makes real sense as the company is making its computers highly standardized. However, no solid deadlines have been provided for its launch.

  1. iPhone 8

different reports reveal that next edition of iPhone will be a major breakout. iPhone 8 will be equipped with the glass design, having an organic light display for better graphics quality with no home button, newly designed screen size and much more. Apple is also working on including the inbuilt augmented reality features in the phone, but this may take a little long time. 2017 is the year of iPhone’s 10th birthday so you can hope that Apple may mark the event.

  1. An update to the Google Pixel phone

Google rock the smartphone industry by launching its first phone, the Pixel, in 2017. Although there are no reports found related to the Google’s plan about Pixel phone, but the company has strong ambitions to get it started. It is more reasonable to expect the tremendous Pixel phone by the end of 2017.

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