PUBG admitting they lack the performance improvements

PUBG admitting they lack the performance improvements 1

Well it’s no secret it out there that PUBG has problems with its performance. It has been a problem since it was released. PUBG corp has stated they have fallen short of the performance improvements and admits that they have failed to address the problems that players have concerns over. There is however a map that has been outlined with how they are going to change in the near future.

PUBG have said there are three priorities that are being address and they are performance, cheating and server-side optimization.

In order to improve the performance it must take care of the lighting effects and the way the vehicles move to different surfaces as these are both causing problems with the GPU overloading.
There is also calls to bring focus on the character models, animations and the player movements with boosting the framerate across the range. There are problems with how the vehicles are handled when they are far from the player which seems to be too much demand for most systems. Focusing on the server optimization, eliminating the bad network coding, reducing the network latency and just other little tweaks here and there.

There are still many more changes that have to be done and it appears that the PUBG group have got their hands full with a busy time ahead getting everything right. PUBG have said they will release the performance updates as they come instead of putting them all into the one bundle.

even with all the updates needing doing being checked off the list PUBG have stated they still intend to look for ways on how they can improve the game. There is a huge level of detail that is being added to Sanhok PUBG upcoming map that is 4x4km in size. They intend to bring perfection in the game to the players from little details around the island houses to the effects of the rocks and plants they are going all the way hoping to come out with no disappointment. The is currently being tested.

There is the conclusion that players enjoyed playing the game despite the problems it seems to still have the power to overcome the technical problems PUBG just need to get the motivation and enthusiasm to do it.

The ideas that are surrounding PUBG are fantastic, but the console version of the game has competition out there that is the same without the difficulties. The Xbox version of the game is still so in-depth in development it has a long journey ahead of it to be at where it should be.

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