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Download Fortnite for Windows PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. After the debut of its newest season, “Fortnite Battle Royale” is apparently planning to introduce more to the audience in an attempt to enhance and enrich the Battle Royale gaming experience. However, whilst there aren’t any official announcements made by the gaming platform, and taking into account the debutant Fortnite challenges and the skins feature that made it to the game, it’s speculated that the upcoming innovative step is going to present the Fortnite Battle Royale competitive mode.

Fortnite is Getting Competitive

As of now, the speculations – and mostly aspirations – about the upcoming Fortnite competitive mode are allegedly based on some datamined documents that are interpreted to be alluding to some initial plans to incorporate a competitive mode. However, it’s not only speculations, but there are some Battle Royale obvious indicators that the competitive mode is going to make a debut this year; and more importantly, in order to further elevate the Fortnite gaming experience, the new expected mode is indeed one factor that has been awaited by multiple Fortnite fans all over the world and thus should be fastly incorporated.

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