Fortnite Battle Royale and the New Blockbuster Challenge

Fortnite Battle Royale and the New Blockbuster Challenge 1

All is going well in the Fortnite realm. In the Battle Royale there is a new challenge that is available for all those holding a battle pass. Like normal there is a mixture of objectives to complete in the challengers that give you the opportunity to level up with your battle pass allowing you to unlock rewards but hold your breath, there is a bonus waiting for the ones who complete them all.

For the past two week its been the way of who can clear all the challenges in just one week will then complete a new blockbuster challenge. There is a reward for being able to do this a special loading screen it is all cosmetic, but the main point is that it can hide a secret that can lead to a free battle pass tier. If you do manage to do all of the challenges of week 3 you will receive the loading screen that will feature a crew of heroes together all around a holographic map. Take your time and focus on the map and you will see a faint silhouette of a battle pass right near the island.

f you zoom in to the map it will reveal that the tier is southwest from the fatal fields. You will then need to go to the marked location to find the battle pass icon. You are then rewarded a free rank up once you have collected it.

Blockbuster challenge

You are then able to see the exact location on the map below you will need to complete the week 3 tests then the blockbuster challenge to get the reward. If you don’t meet all the basics, then you wont see it appear there on the map.

Even if you know its location you cannot skip the challenges to get the rank up.

The challenges will consist of very basic objectives and some testing your limits ones as well.

One challenge asks you to find 10 ducks, there are more than ten around the island and when you are close you will hear a certain sound. There is a guide out there for those who may require some help getting through the week 3 challenges. Buckle down eyes to the screen and go for gold, don’t give up until your get your free battle pass, good luck.

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