Download PUBG Mobile for Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox and PC

Download PUBG Mobile for Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox and PC 3

Are you looking for PUBG for your Playstation or PUBG Mobile for your iPhone? you got the correct site! We have download links for your device, but wait, fisrt your should check why this game was banned  in some countries due to several reasons. PUBG is an online addictive game especially for youth. There are many countries who banned PUBG includes China, Iraq, India, Nepal and others. India banned PUBG because of several incidents took place in last few months.

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One incident was, subsequent to playing PUBG for six straight hours, 16-year-old understudy of class XII named Furqan Qureshi from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh capitulated to a noteworthy heart failure a week ago and lost his life – similarly as he lost a mission in the multi-player portable game. This incident made Indian government ready to banned PUBG immediately. Second incident, a 19-years of age Delhi kid was captured for slaughtering his folks and sister since they didn’t favor of his way of life that rotated around playing PUBG with his companions at a covertly leased room. In India, people are killing or dying because of PUBG.

These two incident made state and courts to take immediate action. The government of Iraq banned PUBG because it is giving negative effects on health, Culture, Security of Iraqi society and brain especially of young people. In recent news, a Class ninth understudy ended it all by balancing himself to a roof fan on Thursday, after he was rebuked by his folks for playing PUBG Mobile. The kid was apparently dependent on the mainstream game and was reviled by his folks for investing a ton of energy playing the game. Hurt over his parent’s moves, Shreyas took the choice of draping himself with the rotating blades of fan in his room. This was the most shocking news. This news shocked whole Iraq. The government of Iraq shocked even the Supreme courts are also shocked by this news. After this, the government of Iraq voted to ban PUBG. After these incidents, Nepal banned PUBG due to negative impact especially on children, violent content and because of addiction.


The state ordered country‘s Internet service provider to block PUBG. China earlier banned various foreign websites and games. Similarly this happened with PUBG also. China is banning many addiction websites and games because that are wasting time of Chinese people especially youth and children. As one of the reason is that children and young people in china are not focusing on their studies. People in china wasting their time by playing PUBG and different addictive games. Chinese government do not want this that their time waste. Chinese government focusing on people of china from past 15 years that how to improve their lifestyle and life. The state is banning all the addictive games and websites because they do not want time waste. Many other countries are also focusing to ban PUBG. Especially the Middle East and Europe.


Download PUBG Mobile for Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox and PC 4

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