OZO or Why Nokia is Betting Big on Virtual Reality


In the middle of this year, Finnish Telecoms Company – Nokia released a VR (Virtual Reality) camera referred to as OZO which was its earliest hardware launched since it sold its devices business to Microsoft.

Despite the fact that this launch came as a surprise to a lot of people, it launches Nokia back into consumer terrain, which will certainly spark a consumer revolution.

As a matter of fact, the intention of Nokia is to nurture new development markets for the company, if you ever thing about Nokia today. This statement was credited to Guido Jouret, who is the chief technology officer at Nokia Technologies.

Nokia has very deep knowledge in audio, sensors and optics. OZO is a device that has ball shape and it comes with eight cameras. It is the size of a human head having all the eight cameras spaced out at the same distance as two eyes, for the purpose of creating a pragmatic point of view when a person watches the finished product.

OZO or Why Nokia is Betting Big on Virtual Reality 3

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