How to Fix in your iPhone 6S the False Battery Life Reporting


Apple has really done what we all expected by translucently balancing its newest phone. 3D Touch is an indisputable improvement, and the phone works sinuously at almost all tasks – but it is exceptionally like the 2014 model. Apple’s tagline for the iPhone 6S is what has really changed. It features similar frame but with a sparkling new touch-screen.

The camera is sharper and the chassis is stronger – with innovative unique way of capturing your snaps and there is even a wholly latest way of relating with the screen. It is just an impressive upgrade on paper.

In view of the fact that the handset looking identical to last year’s model, there have been tons of changes that make this a good-looking phone in its own way, and it is reasonable that Apple would try its best to exhibit that.

Nevertheless, people will be anxious to know if the iPhone is adequate of an upgrade to validate the price, particularly when it appears the same to the iPhone 6. It is worth buying the iPhone 6S, as the upgrades look great.

In another development, Apple is looking into a bug in the iPhone 6S, which can make cause it to show incorrect amount of battery life as you are travelling. This fault normally occurs when you manually change the time on the phone, or switches time zones on the gadget automatically. A number of users are finding the battery percentage is not updating, despite the fact that the charge is dropping.

How to Fix

To fix or correct this problem, Apple Support page recommends that you start your iPhone, and as soon as it has shown r booted up, go into Settings > General > Date and Time but ensure that Set Automatically is set to On.

However, it is recommended that you get in touch with Apple support, if the problem continues even when you are not changing time zones.

Apple made it known that it is conscious of the problem and is looking at ways to fix. Although it is not a big deal for the immeasurable majority users of iPhone, but it could be predominantly frustrating if you are the type that travels a lot.

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