How to Make Money On Instagram using 3 Easy Ways


Desperate for Money? Learn how to earn money from Instagram in this article. As we all know, when it comes to social media marketing, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more looks better when you are looking for platforms where you can generate more leads and productive but talking of Instagram, it does not even allow you to hyperlink texts.

However, nowadays, Instagram has turned to a social portal for business owners who know the trick and how to perfectly utilize it to their advantage to making money. As it has already been said, only a few people know the secret and this is the reason this article is written to teach those who desire to learn the secret and who want to take their business to another level.

The tricks are explained below:

Turn your Photos into Printable format

Popular Photographer, Arnold Daniel made over $16,000 within a single day by asking his followers on Instagram if they are willing and interested in getting the printable version of some of his photographs for a small amount and the reply was incredible. I know you are wondering how he was able to turn it into a printable format, No need to worry just read on. Nowadays, there are great services like PrintMePoster, MobilePrints and more that you can subscribe to which can easily turn your Instagram timeline photographs into a poster, which you can sell to those who want it.

Turn your Instagram page to a Look Book

You can increase your sale by turning your Instagram page into a Look Book where you can advertise your product by showing them off to people and by this; you will be able to link those who are interested in the product back to your website where you will be able to persuade them to buy your product.

Turn Instagram into a digital storefront

This seems impossible, but according to the latest research, you can turn your Instagram account into a product catalog for your followers. Wondering how to do this? Read on. Shopsseen is a simple to use app that can turn your Instagram account into a digital store. All you need to do is to subscribe to the app, once your subscription is confirmed, you can upload photos of your product directly to Instagram.

However, prices and product description can be added through Shopseen, and payments are usually made by following a secure link provided in your profile. However, this is a perfect place for businesses looking for ways to spread out to social networks without facing competition from other businesses.

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