FB users welcome Facebook’s Live Video feature


Facebook has introduced the Live button. Earlier, this Live video feature was available to Facebook pages only. Some users had the privilege of using this Live video feature. Now, every Facebook user can use this live video feature that has been made available for all the Facebook users.

Facebook calls this feature “Live Video”. It is supported on Android and iOS platforms. For Android users, it has the name “Go Live” in Facebook official app. In the iOS platform Facebook official app, it has the name “Live Video.”

Facebook’s Live Video VS Twitter’s Live Video

Apart from this, Facebook has increased the Live Video time limit. Earlier, it was 2 hours only but with new update, Facebook has extended to 4 hours. Users can view live videos on full screen as well. This can be done in both the modes: whether you choose Landscape or Portrait, you can enjoy full screen in both modes. This video thing has become the new thing in the internet and other social networking sites are experimenting with videos as well.

Twitter has recently extended its video feature time limit from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Facebook is not the only social networking site only who has recognized the potential in Video feature in the social networking websites and apps. Twitter has made this clear that they have already seen the potential in the video feature and further developments have been carried out to enhance their users experience. With this new feature, social networking users have a lot to experience now.

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