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Emule is program for sharing files, developed by eMule project. The program offers various features in order to provide reliable place for users. Some of the networks are Kad, ED2K or Source Exchnage.

By using this system, each user has security to get files according to their needs. Emule is free provider, ensuring file checking for any kind of corruption. On the other hand, the program successfully correct corrupted parts and allows various downloads.

Emule also ensures preview function for checking your archive and videos, as well as webserver for reaching Internet faster than ever. As for search options, eMule offers a wide range of them including servers, web based and Kad.

eMule now supports Torrents !

-Updated Servers
-Download Torrents
-Completely Free

eMule Versions

eMule 0.60 released
eMule 0.59c released
eMule 0.59b released
eMule 0.59a released
eMule 0.58b released

eMule Screenshots


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Download Emule for Windows PC

Download Emule for Mac

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