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The uTorrent software is a downloading program that offers you with a quick access to a wide variety of content without a size or speed limitations. Despite the fact that files are easily to manage and downloads quickly, you might end up being confused by its complicated interface. This is more so if you are new at using the program.

The uTorrent program, BitTorrent peer-to-peer, should be your application of choice if you are looking to download a large amount of files without waiting for a long time. This software has been designed to speed-up the process of downloading by taking pieces and bits of data from different sources. The uTorrent app is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

Detailed Downloading

When using the uTorrent program, you will be provided with a detailed downloading, as it offers you with a full control over downloads. These includes a prompt that will ask you where you are wishing to save your downloaded files. For those who are wishing to save bandwidth or energy, the download/upload limit sliders are very great. Its subscription tool also provides you with an opportunity to auto-download new content from the RSS feeds.

Fast Service

Due to the fact that uTorrent never limit the speed of your device, you will find that it downloads at faster rates than most of the downloading applications. Its background download feature will also perform well without even slowing your device down.

Small Toolkit

When it comes to features, the uTorrent is very thin when compared to its desktop version. Actually, its search tool will only capitalize on Google. Therefore, those individuals who are new at downloading torrents with this program won’t understand the reliable sites. The software also has got an auto-start option despite the fact that it doesn’t have an auto-close option after you have completed downloading the files.

Confusing and Substandard Design

Its layout that was just updated recently might be very useful for individuals who are experienced with this program, although new users will find it difficult to open the files that have been downloaded. Also, even after deleting the relevant content, you will not be able to remove the toolbar notification for downloaded files.


utorrent screen

The most vital aspects of torrenting are its reliable and fast downloads. The uTorrent program has excelled in achieving these features. To increase the uTorrent usability, there is need to improve the user interface. If you are movies fun, film junkies, and music lover, and you are looking for fresh content you will enjoy the program despite its few flaws.

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