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Download Skype Lite for Android devices and Skype for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. If you are one of the many people who enjoy nothing more than touching base with friends and family through free text and video messages, then you are very likely to enjoy the Skype Lite app. As the name might lead you to believe, this is actually a lighter weight version of the already famous Skype messenger, which has been around for quite some time already.

Skype was actually one of the first ever online services that allowed for free texting, video calls and audio calls. For that reason, many still choose to consider it the original instant message app. Skype has continued its forward advance in the way of improvements, and can now host as many as eighty people in the same conference video call.

However, Skype has not been a popular messaging app lately, especially when sparred against other message apps available across a wide variety of social networks. The reason for this mainly is the fact that it requires lots of space for storage as well as processing power at powerful levels. All of this, in addition to the immense mobile data needs it carries with it for proper functioning.

That is where Skype Lite officially comes into play. The target client base for Skype Lite are those who have smartphones in the midrange level that might not have as much storage space and RAM as those who have newer, more updated phones. Additionally, it does not necessitate the immense need for mobile data in order to place audio or video calls, which makes it a great alternative to regular Skype.

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