Google will monetize YouTube channels which have 10000 views


Five years ago, YouTube launched its advertisement partner program to everyone. This was really a big step of YouTube in which anyone can upload a video and start making money. This step led YouTube to a huge success which results to make it web’s biggest video platform. But this platform has many disadvantages also. Some creators have to face the problem when another user upload their videos. Not only Youtube creators but many movie studios or big record labels are facing this problem.

To avoid this, YouTube taken a major step, YouTube changed its partner program now. Now creators can’t turn on monetization until they hit the mark of 10,000 lifetime views. This threshold amount of views will help YouTube to gather the information about the channel. And we believe that this amount of views is not too high to discourage the new independent creators.

Ariel Bardin, VP of YouTube’s product management said in a blog post that YouTube will review new creators who apply to YouTube partner program. If they find everything good on the channel then they will give approval to them for YPP. These policies will only give revenue to those creators who are literally doing hard work on YouTube.

Apart from preventing piracy situation on YouTube, these new policies keep away offensive videos from brands which use money marketing on this platform. In few weeks, YouTube faced many problems related to this. Bardin said that this new threshold amount of views would give us information to determine the relevance of channel. It also helps us to know the channel is following community guidelines or not.

As YouTube is moving nearer to the Real-world that’s why YouTube is taking major steps to make its business and service better than previous. Recently YouTube launch its YouTube TV services in some countries to make their free subscriber to paid subscribers. In few time, this YouTube TV service will also come in existence in mostly all countries. Time will tell the world of web how these policies and limitations will help new generation of creators.

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