Google offered $30 billion to get Snapchat App


The nerdy Google failed time to time in the social media and this time it is thinking to buy the teen famous Snapchat. The biggest search engine held some informal talks with the Snapchat and offered $30 billion last year before the Snapchat got its last fund, and just before the IPO of 2016. The offer was seemingly an open secret into the Snap and was under consideration just after the IPO.

But the notorious CEO of Snap, Evan Spiegel has shown no interest in purchasing out to the Google or any other company. Despite the startup’s sales cap slipping away for around $15 billion just after soaring the amount up to $30 billion after ipo’dding in May.

The news of Google’ interest in purchasing the Snap price climbed to 2.3% presently. This uptick came after few days of decline because of locking up the expiration finally letting the insiders sell the stock and strongly grow the Instagram stories on Facebook and clones of Snapchat on WhatsApp status. Google denied to comment about the business insider, and Snapchat revealed that the rumors are wholly fake. It is possible that interest of Google was quite preliminary, and probably never raised to the high ranks of Snap. It is standard for the startups of exploring the alternate ways before taking the significant fund round or getting public.

The expansion stage investment fund of Google CapitalG finished while investing in the Snap in 2016, but talks went nowhere, leading to the round worth the camera firm at the cost of $20 billion. The firms have gone long to become buddies. The chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt gave to Spiegel, Snap operates the Google’ software mechanism, and Snap has decided to spend $2 billion on the Google cloud host during next five years.

During May 2016, the choice of going with the raised money instead of getting acquired. Snap got unchallenged in the full-screen stories of the social media game. However, in August, the stories on Instagram will be able to get launched soon, that have diverted the growth largely and mind marketers and from the Snap since a long time.

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The joining forces could be more advantageous for both firms. Google would acquire the top social property for making up to the Buzz, Google+ or Wave flops. It can reap the data about the social graphs of people, where they spend time about the topics they care, letting it enhance the ad targeting or measurement.

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