TikTok Suffers from a Design Malfunction

TikTok Suffers from a Design Malfunction 1

In recent months, the music-based, short clips app TikTok has been attracting more and more users and expanding its platfrom to multiple communities around the world. However, despite the extensive popularity of TikTok at the moment, there seems to be innumerable complaints from various users regarding the unfunctional aspects of TikTok, such as the absence of a parental control system, the spread of obscene content and the weak and unorganized design of the popular platform.

Recently, TikTok stood out, not because of its steady growth, but because of its vast design malfunction that seems to affect the overall user’s experience. Once you open the TikTok app, you’ll be faced with incomprehensible texts, misplaced icons and weird menus that do very little to enhance the app’s functionality. It’s indeed a nightmare for the TikTok users who may have been expecting a better performance from the uprising app; on the contrary, TikTok is a current design nightmare!

Weirdly enough, it’s not just TikTok that suffers from such a design abnormality, the yellow app Snapchat is also another social media platform that is acting absurdly and doesn’t abide by the normal guidelines of design. TikTok has already started a couple of controversies surrounding the inappropriate content and obscene short videos continuously uploaded by youngsters and teenagers. And the recent design absurdity has stirred some more debates negotiating why TikTok doesn’t provide clear texts and a more organized social media design for its growing number of users?! The main guidelines of the majority of the popular apps at the moment revolve around providing clear and organized texts and content that helps the user scroll through the app comfortably; Google, for instance, provides an entire article explaining how colors work together in coordination with any background of any social media app. There are indeed so many official and unofficial rules and design guidelines that the developers of TikTok chose to simply ignore.

Reportedly, the TikTok management is consciously agreeing to some weird design decisions that don’t help with the overall user’s experience. For example, you can encounter a white text on top of a live streaming video that obscures the view and makes the words incomprehensible! Also the icons size on TikTok seems to be miscalculated. Moreover, many users are complaining about the inefficiency of the TikTok menus that don’t provide any help to navigate through the app. Apparently, TikTok is missing a lot of clarity and ease when it comes to design and the ignorance of such problems might as well enrage the audience.

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