Five New WhatsApp Features Available


Even though WhatsApp is holding a very secure position as the world’s most frequently used messenger, they still feel the need to continue updating on a regular basis. And rightly so. They are secure, but still feel that users deserve anything that might make the messenger even more useful to them, to the intents and purposes for which they use it.

Pinned chats is one of the most recent features that some are going to love. As telling as the name is, you already know that this feature will allow you to pin your most important chats to the very top of your list of conversations.

In order to successfully pin a chat, simply long press the chat you would like to pin. When the “pin” icon appears, simply tap that and your message will be pinned. To reverse the pinning, long press the chat again, only this time, select the “unpin” option.  Only available on Android phones at the moment, it is a feature that is very helpful if you normally have lots and lots of ongoing chats at any given period of time.

For security purposes, an extra layer of protection has been added in requiring a password when you verify or reset your account. The overall goal here is to stop others from being able to use your phone without entering a code, which you yourself set. You also have the option of adding an email address to the verification process as well, which helps to layer protection.

Apple’s well-known assistant Siri is now able to read messages directly from your WhatsApp Messenger. This is packaged in with version 2.17.20 of the app, and works in correlation with iO 10.3 and up.

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This past year saw the replacement of WhatsApp’s normal text status. Its replacement was a feature called Status that allowed for pictures, GIFs and even videos to be used as statuses, with or without the addition of text. Popular demand by WhatsApp users worldwide, however, has brought that feature back. It is now called “About and phone number” and must be accessed from the profile tab found in the settings menu.

At this particular time, only Android users can utilize this feature. However, there looks to be a version for iOS in the making and will probably be rolled out in just a matter of weeks, for those with an iPhone.

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