Apple says goodbye to the iPod MP3 player

Apple says goodbye to the iPod MP3 player 1

Apple says goodbye to the MP3 player retells us why the iPod became an instantly famous. During the late 1980s, as the people used to buy the Walkman, it was regarded as the amazing progress from holding the largely sized stereo on the shoulders. Any person who wasn’t used to be there at that time, will never able to understand the feeling of being liberated as it instantly becomes able to listen to the music while walking, traveling or running, or even being in various rooms of the home.

As other formats are launched, people continued to keep coming back to the use of Walkman as it seemed to be quite reliable as compared to the portable CD players or other affordable music players. People used to love this simplest device and enjoy every kind of voice on it.

After this, in 2001, as the iPod came and changed everything. Similar to many others, people used to ditch Walkman too in favor of using the iPods as the main MP3 player. This was the instant success done by the Apple and aided in the launching of the trajectory for the company being the world’s most famous device firm.

However presently, in 2017, you can’t see any iPod. Apple just announced about terminating the production of the Shuffle and iPod Nano, which means that the company will not produce any dedicated MP3 player in future. This puts an end to the genuine classic designed MP3 players who can teach people a lot about how to make the successful production. But provided that the music players and the iPhone like touch have got very famous and remained known for about ten years in the past, maybe this is the quite interesting lesson why Apple’s iPod lasted for so long.

Focus on plainness

Similar to many other Apple’s products, the iPod got famous because of its looks, which were followed after the key principle of the company’s owner, Steve Job of focusing on the convenience and simplicity. Simpler things can get hard to get complicated; you need to work quite hard for getting the clean thinking about making the product simple.

The classic characteristics of iPod include its simple rectangular display and the circular control panel with the plain white body. These looks are comparable to the look of the Braun 1958 T3 pocket radio which was manufactured by Dieter Rams. This product aided in making of iPod which appears to have same fashion and owns the similar elegant looks.

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