Download Wear Audio Recorder for Android


Audios have a refreshing effect on the brain and the soul. Sometimes ability to record sounds is a great privilege in the life of an individual with no regard to the reason, purpose, or place of recording. It’s now easy to do the recording of the track using a new app called wear audio recorder embedded in the android wear device. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short moment or a long moment since the app perfectly records the audio.

Wear Audio Recorder app has a fanatic interface that is simple and stylish. It does not have a collection of features but when it does it does well. This recorder makes recording as simple as running the app and tapping to record.

Right away from your smart watch, you have two options. It’s either you view the previous recordings or make new records. While recording a timer just pops up to let you know the length of the recorded audio. A trash can is also present that allows you to discard unwanted records. Moreover, a check mark appears at the lower edge that allows saving of the record. Besides, it’s possible to pause, stop, or start recording from the smart watch.

Listen to every detail with Wear Audio Recorder

Settings and options for the wear audio recorder are found in the smartphone. The screen always displays two tabs with the first one showing a list of all recordings up to that date. Records are accessible for edit, sharing, or deletion. The other tab shows the quick settings which allow users to adjust the audio according to their preference.


Moreover, additional parameters can be inputted from the sidebars of the phone. Ideally these are general settings in line with the behaviors set up of the phone and the smart watch.  The general settings allow alteration of the storage folders of the recordings and also facilitate tagging of the recording location. The behavior parameters permit you to modify the synchronized behavior, auto start and auto stop of the app. They also help in notifying the successful recordings along showing the pause buttons that allow the user to take the records in the ideal way.


Download Wear Audio Recorder for Android

In conclusion, Wear Audio Recorder app is an excellent tool for everybody in need of a simple and straightforward way of recording audio. Wear audio recorder is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. It thus becomes the perfect choice for anyone who needs to record audio in a simple, easy, and reliable way.

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