Download Trillian for Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Linux


Download Trillian Messenger for Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Linux. Trillian allows you to use AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN, and IRC under one umbrella. It comes with features that you cannot otherwise find in the original network clients.

Trillian Messenger supports all the standard features of these chat clients. You can do audio chat, transfer files, use buddy icons, group chat, import contacts, and so on. Trillian also supports encrypted messaging, direct connection (AIM), and encrypted messaging. It allows users to adjust the privacy settings.

Trillian does not steal your data and does not bug you with spyware, pop-up windows or unwanted software. This software also comes with Instant Lookup feature with contact alerts, history and notifications.

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Download Trillian Messenger for Windows PC

Download Trillian Messenger for Mac

Download Trillian Messenger for Android

Download Trillian Messenger for iPhone

Download Trillian Messenger for BlackBerry

Download Trillian Messenger for Linux

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