Download Rootkit Revealer for Windows PC


Download Rootkit Revealer for Windows PC. RootkitRevealer is a sophisticated rootkit detection utility used to protect your system from malware attacks. This application runs on computers using Windows NT 4 and higher.

With this app on your system, you will be immediately notified about any API discrepancies that signify the existence of a kernel-mode rootkit.

With RootkitRevealer, your computer will say protected from persistent rootkits such as AFX, Vanquish and HackerDefender. Given the fact that unrelenting rootkits function by making change in API results so that a system view that makes use of APIs looks different from that in actual storage.

The RootkitRevealer app makes a comparison between the system scan at highest level with that of the lowest level. The highest level refers to the Windows API and the lowest level refers to unprocessed contents of a file system.

Rootkit Revealer Versions

Rootkit Revealer 1.71
Rootkit Revealer 1.70
Rootkit Revealer 1.60
Rootkit Revealer 1.56

Rootkit Revealer Screenshots


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Download Rootkit Revealer for Windows PC

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