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Moovit is a next gen app that was designed to revolutionize the use of public transportation. In recent news, it was found that the app surpassed the 50 million mark in just 3 years. The Moovit app has already beaten Facebook as the most popular app, and now this feature adds an extra feather to its cap.

Moovit was recently tagged by Google as the ‘Best Local App of 2016’ for a few selected countries such as US, Hong Kong, Canada, Middle East & North Africa. It doesn’t end here! This amazing app also reached to the City Hall of Rio as the official transit app used in Rio Olymics game.

They also released the ‘Global Transit Usage Report’ recently that further awes us with its amazing features. The app has achieved a lot in only one year and this definitely calls for a celebration.

Moovit is an Israeli app based on Open Street Maps and Wiki-maps, and its objective is to provide real-time traffic update to the users.

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