Why Twitter changed its default Profile Picture Avatar?


Twitter has changed its default profile picture avatar for new users. Before this, twitter was using egg avatar as default profile pictures but they changed it because Twitter analyzed that it had become a source of online abuse.

In a blog post, Twitter said, ” They noticed some accounts are created only  to harras other users on twitter and they don’t spend even a single second to personalize their accounts.

Due to this, the user which are really new to Twitter and not personalize their profile photo yet have to face problems because everyone treats them as a fake account.

But critics said that this move will not help other users which are being harassed because fake users can use anonymous picture to harass other users.

By the way, Twitter was using an egg as the default profile picture because company said, “A new user looks like a bird which came out from egg and tweets around Twitter“.

320 million users have already changed their profile picture from egg avatar but company wants to encourage other users who have not done this yet.

Twitter was launched in 2016 and at that time that default Avatar was a person in silhouette and then two circles in 2007 then Twitter bird in 2009 and then egg avatar in 2010.

Why Twitter changed its default Profile Picture Avatar? 3

Now the default avatar used by Twitter neither looks like a male nor female. But people have to specify the gender during joining of Twitter.

The reaction of twitter users are mixed, some says it is a good step, some says it is a bad step and some says it is a worthless step.

Twiter are attacking those users who are using this platform to insult other users because Some users represent big organizations and popular celebrities.

Twitter don’t want to lose its fame. A few times ago, we heard that Twitter was in loss because fewer users are using Twitter.

Another change in the algorithm of Twitter is that now the limit of writing tweets has increased. It will be interesting to see that Will this step decrease the number of fake users on Twitter?

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