Oracle launches Exadata Cloud Machine for in-premises Cloud Storage


On Thursday, 2nd of March 2017, Oracle announced Exadata cloud machine, a machine that is designed to easily help expand and improve cloud storage services. However, the Exadata cloud machine is designed to help business organizations who like to move their company’s database to oracle’s public cloud system, which can be arranged in a way that will help bridge the gap between on-premises datacenters and public cloud system.

According to Oracle, the cloud machine is designed to help remove all the forces like regulatory, business and legislative requirement that prevented business organization and companies from moving their data and application to the public data center.

How does it work?

The Exadata cloud machine is build to help replicate Oracle’s Exadata cloud services to customers who want their company’s database centers to be located within the company’s premises.

According to Juan Loaiza, the senior vice president of oracle’s system technology who confirmed that the Oracle Exadata cloud machine is the best choice for a business organization that likes to enjoy cloud services but do not want to move their data centers to public cloud system because of fear of hackers. However, the machine is designed to reduce the risk faced by organizations who store their data on the public cloud system.

However, features like analytics, the database for OLTP, mixed workloads and solidification, InfiniBand networking and so on are integrated into the Exadata cloud machine for advanced security services. Moreover, Oracle experts will manage the cloud system, and data can easily be arranged either through the public cloud system or from the customer’s datacenter.


Oracle confirmed that the new Exadata cloud machine would provide access to the cloud services by subscribing to some features like those subscribe to on the public cloud system. However, Features like Database in-memory, advanced security, high level of performance, security features for higher workload and more needs the subscription for full access to them.

In addition, data can be migrated to the cloud with software and hardware that are compatible and this has made it easy for the Exadata cloud machine to upload data to the cloud.

Finally, according to a statement from the company, the machine is designed to feature the same software and hardware system that is in the public cloud system. it is also expected to be monitor and managed by experts and the machine is expected to be operated by the same tools and software that are used for operating the resources on cloud machine.

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