No more Cyber Attacks: Cisco unveil Next-generation Firewall system


Cisco recently announced a firewall system, called the Firepower 2100 series. It is designed to get rid of all security threat that seems to make business organizations that perform highly sensitive business deals (such as online banking, retailing, cloud storage and so on) unsafe.

The Firepower 2100 series is a next generation firewall system designed to have a faster processing time and improved design to help terminate all attempted attacks on companies’ data center from the internet edge.

According to the Company’s latest release, the newly released firepower 2100 series has been highly upgraded when compared to its predecessor and this, however, has given business organizations certainty that digitalization of their businesses will no more be risky. However, all thanks to the new architecture design and all the improvement on the new Firepower 2100 series.

Enhanced Performance and Processor

As we all know, the world is in the digital age and business organizations are increasingly moving online to increase productivity and reduce stress. Therefore, the need for cyber security companies to improve and update their system to be able to address latest security challenges in the digital world faced by business organizations that deal with highly sensitive transactions.

The Firepower has 2100 lines aimed to provide business organizations with continuous threat checkup and protection against attacks without affecting its performance. However, the security architecture integrated into the firewall machine include multi-core CPU that increase the processing time of the machine to help improve protection against a threat and to boost the key cryptographic function on the machine.

Another benefit of the Cisco’s Firepower 2100 line series firewall that it is a better means of carrying out internet security, which is better than the traditional intrusion inspection method that can reduce throughput performance by over 50% when it is compared to using the firewall system. This, however, affects the performance of the website application like online banking and e-commerce websites that require faster processing time and higher security level.

In addition, the Firepower 2100 series is integrated security threat protection system and production improvement software, which includes Device managers, Centralized security management system and cloud-based security management system.

Operation and Management

This latest release by Cisco is confirmed as the most effective firewall system in the market. With all the integrated features, the business enterprise can easily manage their database architecture to overcome attacks from cyber thieves.

However, the firepower 2100 series does not require the business enterprise to redesign their database architecture since the system itself contains the latest technology that can manage external attacks.

Finally, The Firepower 2100 firewall system comes in four different models and this include model 2110, 2120,2130 and 2140 and all these models can transfer data at the rate of between 1.9 to 8.5 Gbps.

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