Minecraft trick possible to download for free

Minecraft trick possible to download for free 1

We all love Minecraft but face it we don’t really want to pay for anything if we don’t have to, right? Some good news for you is the fact Minecraft can be downloaded for free to your pc. While this might not work for some, it is worth a try people have had much success. A popular sandbox game that is popular all over the globe. Unfortunately, the game is a paid product meaning you have to pay a fee to download the game. There is a knack around this as there are with most things on the internet these days.

Follow the easy process to try and download the game for free on your pc.

To download free

Minecraft is a unique, interesting yet very simple game where you mine and play activities. You are set in a random virtual world where you can mine and build whatever you want with the 3D blocks. The game is highly addictive, and everyone wants in on the action. Users have tried this way to download the free version for some it has worked others it seems it has not.

You will need to head over to the official Minecraft site located at then you will need to locate the URL bar and change it to Once here you will search for the downloading option and be sure to check the java version is for windows. Click on the option to start downloading.

When the download is complete, you can install the file into your computer and let it install. You will find when trying to play the game you need to have a valid account. You are required to sign up on the Mojang site and make sure you are providing a valid email for the confirmation link that they will send you. Create a username and password you will remember as you will need it further into the game. You have no choice here without a valid register account you will not be able to play the game.

You won’t be able to use a friend’s credentials either you will have to sign up with your own unique username and password. Remember this trick has worked for some and not others, it has worked for me, so I guess it is just trial and error.

There are plenty more so-called “download for free” tricks out there on the internet so try a few and see where you end up.

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