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Download Free Viber Messenger for Windows PC, Android and iPhone. Viber Messaging app reputation in Japan is very strong and is doing huge business. Viber has +850 million users and it’s growth is very positive. It’s popularity is growing rapidly, with and satisfaction service. Viber +850 million registered users and every day thousands of people are joining and registering themselves. These are genuine figures and not for advertising.

The statistic shown in presentation clearly says that viber is growing rapidly with thousands of unique ID’s and people are using their voice call services regularly. A viber spokesperson confirmed the news about viber population in Japan’s economy.

Rakuten is an e commerce giant and he is very confident about the future of Viber and he is really happy with the rapid growth of viber users. To avoid any confusion and misunderstanding they represent the clear registered figures of their users.


  1. Free Services: Before viper it was almost a dream for people to call for free and to use social messaging anywhere free but after viber it’s possible to talk free on phones. This gives you the best reason to accept the viber and use it. For this purpose you just need to enter your number from your smart phone and you are ready to use viber.
  2. Design And Style: It’s design and layout is like the apple phone’s app. The contact scheme is same but message scheme is bit different. It’s color is good and option are simple so everyone can use it easily. If you are an iphone user then it’s not a problem for you to pick this app and start using. Messages are like normal texting format. You can access all your contacts freely with quality but you can’t access to non viber users.
  3. Easy Use: There’s no need to fill the form based on 3-4 pages. Viber is so easy and you don’t have to worry about registering yourself. Just by entering your number you can start using right away.
  4. Unlimited Calls & Messages: In viber there is no limit of calls and messages, you can do as much socializing you want. By connect your phone to wi-fi you can avail unlimited calls and messages.
  5. Huge Group Chat: By adding number of friends or by creating a group of friends all can talk to each other.

Supported OS: Android, iOS, Win XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 32 bit & 64 bit – OSX.

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