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Download ZAO Face Swapping App 1

Zao, the Latest Face Swapping app, is the latest application that allows you to substitute your face with popular celebrities, with remarkable accuracy. Zao also allows their users to modulate their voices into the voices of celebrities. Zao was released on Friday 30, August. This app is only accessible in China.

ZAO is a face app which is made by China. Zao is in the list of most downloaded apps in China through the iOS Apple Store until 01 September. This app has got millions of downloads. By using this latest app, users can make their videos by swapping their faces with the famous actors of movies such as Leonardo so Caprio and Games of Thrones.

Deepfakes Technology

Zao uses the Deepfakes technology to alter the user’s image according to their demand.

But the popularity of the app has urged people to think what the app is working with their faces and is there any threat to use this app. The major questions are about the privacy policy of the app and its safety.

Privacy Terms of Zao

The user is needed to put the email ID and phone number before to use the app. When the user uploads the picture to swap it, at that time user agrees to resign the intellectual estate liberty to the uploaded picture. Therefore, Zao can use their personal pictures uploaded by the users, for its marketing purpose. The critics say that Zao can use their uploaded photos to make even pornographic videos, the pictures could be used to kindle disagreement.

Zao reacted about these concerns to Weibo, a Chinese social media, but it did not clear the point of the use of those uploaded images.

Warning of AI experts

Although the app provides users a light heart fun by swapping their uploaded images with the celebrities and also allows them to make videos in which they are talking stuff what they actually have not said, with the use of Artificial Intelligence technique. But the AI experts have warned the users that the technology used in Zao is a threat to their privacy as it is an entirely fake thing.

Statement By Zao

Zao has responded to its privacy concerns by saying that they can comprehend the anticipation of the users about the privacy terms, they also said that they have received all the questions regarding privacy and will also work for the neglected areas of the app.


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