Download Dubsmash for Android, iPhone App: The TikTok Alternative

Download Dubsmash for Android, iPhone App: The TikTok Alternative 1

Now you can get the real TikTok Alternative: Download Dubsmash App. The past few months have been very successful for the famous app of TikTok since it managed to attract millions of new users over the quarantine period due to COVID-19. And even though TikTok may be continuously facing quite serious problems – such as the user’s online privacy and the much needed parental controls – the app is still thriving and has been named one of the most popular and top used apps of all time. However there is apparently an exciting contender to TikTok in the markets.

Dubsmash App

Dubsmash has been attracting the attention of innumerable users and social media experts over the last few weeks. It’s rumoured to be the next big platform for today’s generations of influencers and social media stars. But many are currently questioning whether Dubsmash can indeed bring anything new to the table; besides Dubsmash needs loads and loads of effort and worldwide promotions in order to compete fairly with the super notorious TikTok app.

Dubsmash is The Latest Contender to The Famous TikTok

Dubsmash is simply a video-based and entertaining platform that promises to present different aspects of online socializing. The new video app will bring about diverse content and a safe and secure online environment for millions of youngsters around the world. It can’t be denied that TikTok did in fact change major aspects of the social media world; TikTok is now the no. 1 favorite app for teenagers and young adults who are always trying to create new content that’ll lure more fans. Dubsmash on the other hand will be focusing on making the online experience more diverse and at the same time safe and with no privacy compromising.


The beginning of Dubsmash was in 2014 and the app managed to achieve a massive success at the time; the app achieved more than 50 million downloads in only 6 months. Even more famous figures and celebrities including Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez were using the app which brought even more notoriety to the new social media platform of Dubsmash. But as more new apps debuted, users started to lose their interest in the regular Dubsmash app, and that’s why it was inevitable that the app renovates its features and experience in order to meet the expectations of the generations of today. Now Dubsmash can prove to be a tough competitor to TikTok and other apps as well if more modern features and millennial-based, social media functions are introduced in the next versions. More importantly Dubsmash promised to focus more on presenting the user with a safe and trusted online experience – unlike TikTok; and thankfully all of the latest news contributed to increasing the number of the monthly downloads of the Dubsmash app.

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