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The new Corel WordPerfect Office X6 software has the following features; encryption, PDF, EPUB format support, macro management and HTML5 compatibility. It also has an iPad and password protection features. The app offers good users interface. It is because those people with MS Office knowledge can easily use it without problems.

Campus students and lecturers have mainly used the office X6 app. For several years, the Corel WordPerfect Office X6 has been ranked as the best alternative. It has received several awards like the Silver award for its bountiful features. The app offers good user experience because it is easy to understand and use. Simply the use guidelines provide assistance to operators when formatting and editing documents.

Office X6 has various applications that make it suitable to be employed in the home, work, and school. The app is sold at a reasonable price. The app works well as a word processor, presentation creator, email client, spreadsheet builder and database manager. Other utilities include publishing platform that are essential features. The Office X6 software is offered on a licensing basis where users can install the applications on three software.

On the other hand, Corel WordPerfect office X6 lacks necessary features to make it more competitive. The office productivity software has an ability to edit and create simple texts. The software is also used to generate simple financial and legal documents. The software has a read only feature that is used to increase user’s documents security.

The office X6 software has advanced features like mail merge, password document protection, macro autocorrect, a thesaurus and a track changes characteristic. For instance, the software enables operators to make file adjustments like text page adjustments. It also offers users with abilities to edit documents. Office x6 operators can quickly view and preview changes and corrections.

The office X6 has spreadsheet builders that are equipped with necessary tools that enable perform different tasks. The functions include the creation of invoices, budgets among other types of financial documents. The Quattro Pro feature performs functions like the statistic, engineering, mathematical and logical. The Quattro feature aids users in organizing and managing toolbars and icons.

Office X6 app has presentation creation features that enable users to customize their presentations. For instance, style and color, plethora and master gallery window. It also has file format characteristics that prevent users from making mistakes. If users are faced with difficulties while using the app they can visit online platforms to solve their issues. For instance, operators can enquire services like creation of accountants and registration of products. The Corel WordPerfect Office X6 is an excellent word processing application.

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